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We're All About The Outdoors

Some may say Swamp Creek is just an ordinary cove on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee and most people would easily overlook it. However, we aren't most people, and to us, Swamp Creek is Life...

Swamp Creek is where we go to unwind, find new adventures and fellowship with our friends and family. When our founders, Jarred , first conceived the idea for the Swamp Creek Co. brand, it seemed far fetched. Over time this idea started to become more realistic and then turned to necessity. This is something we insisted on creating so we could share Swamp Creek with the world. Swamp Creek Co. isn't just about lounging at the lake (although we love to do that), it's about craving new journeys and being in style with the best gear available.

Thank you for your support,

The Swamp Creek Co. Team

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